Affiliated Club Policies

Standards for Affiliation

1. All GPCA Affiliated Clubs must meet the following Requirements:

  1. A written Rescue policy recognizing the responsibility of members to abandoned and unwanted Great Pyrenees.
  2. A minimum of two general meetings per year to which all members are invited as specified in the Club’s Constitution & Bylaws.
  3. A minimum of one Public Education and Information activity per year.
  4. A minimum of one Member Education activity per year.
  5. A commitment to an open membership that includes pet as well as show people.
  6. A membership list printed annually and distributed to all members.
  7. Written communication to members at least twice a year.

2. It is strongly recommended that Affiliated Clubs also have the following:

  1. A Code of Ethics at least as strong as the GPCA’s or a statement indicating that their members agree to abide by the GPCA Code of Ethics.
  2. A club newsletter published at least 4 times a year.

Application for Affiliation

1. Clubs applying for affiliation must be organized for at least one year and must meet the GPCA Requirements for Affiliation as listed above.

2. Clubs must submit to the Affiliated Club Coordinator the following:

  1. Application for Affiliation (PDF)
  2. Activity resume of the Club, showing that it meets the Requirements for Affiliation
  3. Current Constitution and Bylaws
  4. Club’s Code of Ethics, if any
  5. Copy of recent Club Newsletter, if one is published
  6. Copies of minutes for the last year’s meetings
  7. List of current officers with addresses and phone numbers
  8. Membership list with GPCA members indicated
  9. Affiliation fee of fifteen dollars ($15.00)
  10. Name of proposed club representative who must be a GPCA member

3. The information will be submitted to the GPCA Board for approval. If approved, affiliation will begin with the new GPCA club year at the next National Specialty and Annual Meeting.

To Remain Affiliated

1. Clubs must comply with and maintain the Standards for Affiliation, as described above. (1994)

2. Clubs must submit their annual report to the Affiliated Club Coordinator by February 15th. The report must be accompanied by the $15.00 annual Affiliation Fee. Clubs submitting their reports after Feb. 15th, but before March 15th, must pay $25.00. Clubs whose reports are received after March 15th must pay $50.00.

3. Clubs not submitting their annual report and requisite fee to the Affiliated Club Coordinator by the GPCA Annual Meeting will be placed on automatic one year suspension. (1997)

4. Clubs must designate a Club Representative to the GPCA who must be a GPCA member.

5. Clubs must send copies of any published newsletter, or published minutes, or any other written communications going to the membership, to the Affiliated Club Coordinator. Such communications may be submitted electronically.

6. All Constitution and Bylaw or Code of Ethics changes must be sent to the Affiliated Club Coordinator.

7. All Affiliated Clubs hosting Specialties including Licensed Clubs, which do not submit a copy of their Specialty Application documents to the Specialty Coordinator in a timely manner, will be place on automatic one year suspension. (1997)

8. If a GPCA Affiliated Club is found not meeting the Standards for Affiliation the following will apply:

  1. A letter will be sent by the GPCA Affiliated Club Coordinator to the Club. This letter will discuss the Standards for Affiliation and give the club one year from the date of notice to come into compliance with the GPCA Standards for Affiliation.
  2. One year from the date of the GPCA Affiliated Coordinator’s letter the GPCA Board will review the club’s activities and compliance and may place the Affiliated Club on a one year suspension.
  3. During the suspension the GPCA Affiliated Club:
    i. will not be approved for new specialty applications;
    ii. will not be included on the GPCA Affiliated Club referral list;
    iii. their GPCA Affiliated Club Representative will lose their voting privileges.
  4. If at the end of the one year suspension, the GPCA Board finds that the suspended GPCA Affiliated Club is not in compliance with the Standards for Affiliation, the GPCA Board will revoke the suspended Club’s Affiliation. (1996)