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All About Great Pyrenees

Breed Mentors

A Mentor is a person who is willing to share their expertise with other Great Pyrenees owners and prospective owners. Qualified Mentors must have been GPCA members, in good standing, for a minimal of [...]

Illustrated Standard

In 1986, in response to the AKC request to put all Standards into a common format, the members of the Great Pyrenees Club of America elected a committee of nine longtime breeders from across [...]

Care, Feeding, Training

Caring for a Great Pyrenees is a labor of love. Great Pyrenees need affection, kindness and human companionship. Provide your new puppy-or new adult dog-with a quiet place of its own. The puppy should [...]

Obedience Training

All responsible dog people, no matter what breed they "fancy," will tell you that basic obedience training is crucial for developing a happy relationship with your pet. It is even more important when you [...]

Judges Education

The Judges Education section is intended to be of assistance to Great Pyrenees judges of all levels, including AKC-licensed judges, those seeking licensure, and unlicensed sweepstakes judges. Committee Contact – The Judges Committee is [...]

Hall of Fame

The Great Pyrenees Club of America Hall of Fame honors those Great Pyrenees that have achieved excellence in the area of conformation, obedience, or as a top producer. Criteria Show/Conformation Required: A [...]

Titles & Statistics

GPCA All Time Top 50 - All Breed (through 2020) GPCA All Time Top 50 - Breed (through 2020) GPCA All Time Top 10 Sires & Dams (through 2020) GPCA 2022 Title Holder [...]

Disaster Preparedness

Are you and your Pyr ready for disaster? Following recent weather-related disasters, the Great Pyrenees Club of America has formed the Disaster Preparedness Committee. Our mission is to provide helpful information enabling pet owners [...]

Champions of Health

This award refers to the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals (OFA) sponsored "Champion of Health" award. It consists of an engraved silver medallion awarded to the owner, and a $100 donation to the AKC Canine [...]

Livestock Guardian Dogs

The Great Pyrenees is, as its name suggest, a very large dog. It ranges in size from around 25-32 inches at the shoulder. In weight it ranges from 85-140 pounds. It is primarily markings [...]

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