A Mentor is a person who is willing to share their expertise with other Great Pyrenees owners and prospective owners. Qualified Mentors must have been GPCA members, in good standing, for a minimal of 15 years. Mentors must have bred multiple litters and finished at least 2 AKC champions of their breeding.

Mentors should have the highest sense of ethics, integrity, and devotion to this breed, and will serve as an example of behavior to all. Mentoring is one of the highest responsibilities held by Breed ‘experts’ to help new people learn about the breed. A Mentor must have the ability to interact with others and communicate in an understandable, clear, and insightful manner. They must have the knowledge to know where to refer someone if they cannot provide the information to help someone.

The position of Mentor should not be taken as an entitlement to lead people towards certain dogs and away from other dogs in a prejudicial manner. They have a responsibility to the fancy to conduct themselves in the highest sense of sportsmanship. Mentors should serve as examples of behavior to all. When they are caustic about fellow competitors and negative about others’ dogs, it destroys any education conveyed.

Mentors come in all shapes and sizes and in all levels ethically. Some encourage people to think for themselves and not follow the crowd. These are the ones you learn the most from because they are the ones who have learned the most about the breed THE HARD WAY, and if they stay with the breed even if no longer breeding, THEY ARE THE ONES WHO LOVE THE BREED.

If you are interested in being a Mentor and meet the criteria, please contact me.

Janet Ingram, Chair
Mentor Committee

Committee Members
Judy Brown jjbfromnc@aol.com
Nancy Carr L-ncarr@comcast.net
Rhonda Dalton pyragongreatpyrenees@comcast.net
Terry Denney-Combs pyrpacker@aol.com
Laurie Gottschalk gottpyrs@comcast.net
Kimberly Kentopp kimberly@karolaska.com
Chea Michaels gr8pyr@icloud.com
Peggy Watson pyrstaf@aol.com