GPCA Health Committee


Under the support and guidance of the GPCA Constitution & Bylaws and the Code of Ethics, the Great Pyrenees Club of America’s Health Committee:

  • Works to develop resources for basic and applied health programs to protect and improve the quality of life of the Great Pyrenees and their owners.
  • Identifies, collects, and disseminates information concerning health issues that affect the Great Pyrenees.
  • Serves as a resource of health information for owners, breeders, and health professionals, that will assist in breeding healthy and sound Great Pyrenees in accordance with the Breed Standard.
  • Promotes, through education, the advancement of breed health.


This site is intended to provide health information regarding the Great Pyrenees Breed to its members and those who are inquiring about the Great Pyrenees. It is no way intended to diagnose or provide a method of treatment.

Acceptance and use of the information contained on this web site constitutes an acknowledgement that the user hereby releases and indemnifies the Great Pyrenees Club of America, and its officers, directors, members, and agents from any and all liability and damages sustained by the user as a result of any information obtained from this web site.

GPCA Health Committee Members

Volunteers are always needed and always welcomed! Any GPCA Member in good standing who wishes to volunteer and assist us on this very important committee may contact Flo Laicher, Chairman.

Health Committee Chairman
GPCA Liaison
OFA, CHIC & CHF Representative
Bulletin Article Submissions
Seminar & Clinic Coordination
Affiliated Club Liaison for HealthMaria Church
General Health Committee Members:
Robert & Sherry
Maria Church
Laurie McDonough
Terry Denny
GPCA Health Website:Steve
GPCA Sponsored Programs
Health Awards & Recognition:Darrell
Longevity Awards:Flo
Health Survey - Database:Stephanie
GPCA Sponsored Projects
Dwarf Marker:Peggy
GPCA Project Participation (Projects where Pyrenees Owners Can Participate)
CHIC DNA Repository
Champions of Health Program (OFA)Nancy Wood Tabor (chair)
Health Disorders – GPCA Resources
Glanzmann's Thrombastenia "GT"TBD
Neronal Degeneration (NDG)Sue

Affiliated Club Representative for Health Program

The GPCA Health Committee introduced the Affiliated Club Representative for Health program to the membership in 2006. We currently have 20 regional clubs & rescue organizations participating in our information network.

The purpose of the program is to provide health information to those regional club members who are involved in club activities, share our concern for, and own Great Pyrenees, but who may or may not be members of the GPCA.

Health information based upon individual or club requests, current research and occurrence rates within the breed is provided to the regional club health representative for distribution to their membership on a bi-monthly basis.

FMI contact: Jan Waitz (Affiliated Club Liaison)

Affiliated Club Representatives for Health

Participating Clubs (updated Aug 2013)

Name of ClubAffiliated Club Representative
Region 1
Garden State Great Pyrenees Club (GSGPC)Victoria Coffman
Great Pyrenees Club of Western PA (GPCWP)Betsy Walter
Penn-Dutch Great Pyrenees Club (PDGPC)David Kintsfather
Pyrenean Fanciers of the North East (PFNE)Robert Young
National Capital Area Great Pyrenees Club (NCAGPC)Betsy Gartland
Metro Atlanta Great Pyrenees Club (MAGPC)Robert Low
Florida Great Pyrenees Club (FGPC)Darlene Hannan
Region 2
Great Pyrenees Club of Metro Milwaukee (GPCMM)Erina Fitzgerald
North Star Great Pyrenees Club of Minnesota (NSGPC)Marnie Loven-Bell
Heart of Ohio Great Pyrenees Club (HOGPC)Ellie Schultz
Great Pyrenees Club of Greater Chicago (GPCGC)
Dallas/Ft. Worth Great Pyrenees Club (DFWGPC)
Region 3
Arizona Great Pyrenees Association (AZ Pyrs)Peggy Watson
Enchantment Great Pyrenees Club (EGPC)Day & Bet Moss
Mile High Great Pyrenees Club (MHGPC)Moya Lateer
Alaskan Great Pyrenees Club (AGPC)Dale Sherman
Columbia-Cascade Great Pyrenees Club (CCGPC)Marsha Pope
Great Pyrenees Alliance of the West (GPAW)Terry Denney-Combs
Great Pyrenees Association of Southern California Rescue (GPASC)Laurel Cain Denk
Bernie Ducker
Sierra Pacific Great Pyrenees Club (SPGPC)
Great Pyrenees Club of Puget Sound (GPCPS)Joan Stewart-Ruiz

Articles prepared for the GPCA Affiliated Representative for Health Program