The Historic Preservation Committee is assigned with the task of preserving photographs, videos, historical records, and memorabilia pertaining to Great Pyrenees.

Mary Crane Collection – The founder of the breed in America has left us many photos, kennel records, postcards, and advertisements.

Videos – We’re in the process of converting many of the older film media to digital format.

GPCA History – Miscellaneous historical items related to the Great Pyrenees Club of America.

We currently have on disc the entire Mary Crane print collection that was donated to the Dog Museum in St Louis. It includes over 1500 pictures and almost 100 original kennel records of both Mrs. Crane’s breedings as well as the foreign dogs she imported as her foundation stock. The collection also includes old postcards, kennel brochures, advertisements, awards, and many articles that Mrs. Crane wrote over the years. We hope to have the collection up soon for all to see. If you would like your own personal copy, you can purchase it on a 4 GB USB drive that plugs directly into your computer. It is a fascinating look into the sport of dog breeding over 75 years ago.

Our Film Preservation is currently in the first of three phases to be completed by 2014 if funds permit. Our goal is to restore, clean, and repair all of the original 8mm and 35mm films and convert them and the VHS tapes to DVDs. We currently have over 25 reels at a restoration facility, and expect them back by mid-summer. Our plan is to have these DVDs available to the membership on this site as well. Converting these films is expensive, and donations to this cause would be greatly appreciated.

We are always looking for new projects to add to our collection; be it old photos, kennel records, film, or awards or trophies earned. Our entire collection is housed in a climate-controlled facility to protect the older photos and paper copies for future members to enjoy. If you have any items you wish to either donate or loan to the HP committee, please notify us and we will arrange for the item to be photographed and added to the collection.

Joan Ziehl
Historic Preservation Committee Chair