How to get involved in the Great Pyrenees Club of America!

We welcome new Pyrenees owners as well as those who have had Pyrenees for many years.   We are the primary guardian of the breed and code of ethics and are deeply committed to protecting and improving the breed in the United States.

Our responsibility is to promote the health, temperament, confirmation, soundness, and natural abilities of the Great Pyrenees.   Our members are dedicated to responsible breeding and ownership of Great Pyrenees.  We advance and protect the interests of our breed through events like Meet the Breed at dog shows, education, health research and Great Pyrenees Rescue.

Our GPCA members benefit from access to our Health Committee and their substantial database, Regional and National Specialty information and updates, Breed Mentors, and Quarterly issues of the award-winning GPCA Bulletin.

As a member of the GPCA, you will be able to call upon members that have a wealth of experience showing their dogs in confirmation events, breed working dogs that protect sheep, goats, chickens, and many other species, participate in Obedience and Rally events, train Therapy Dogs to enrich and enhance lives, run like the wind in CAT and Fast CAT events, and enjoy having Pyrs as a part of their families.    Our membership is a community that shares your passion for Great Pyrenees, welcomes new members, and offers the opportunity for you to become involved.

If you’re interested in GPCA membership or would like more information about the club, contact one of the people listed below, or
print the GPCA Application for Membership (PDF) and follow the directions on the form.

Catherine (Whitney) Walker, Membership Committee Chairman
1000 Sally Holler Rd
Harrisburg, IL 62946
Phone 618-313-1297