The Judges Education section is intended to be of assistance to Great Pyrenees judges of all levels, including AKC-licensed judges, those seeking licensure, and unlicensed sweepstakes judges.

Committee Contact – The Judges Committee is formed to assist Great Pyrenees judges.
Carrie Stuart Parks  |  208-682-2831  |

Upcoming Seminars – A list of seminars across the country, with the purpose of informing Great Pyrenees judges.

Illustrated Standard – A GPCA guide to help Great Pyrenees judges better understand and interpret the official standard.

Mentors for Judges – A list of qualified persons who are willing to share their expertise with Great Pyrenees judges. The Great Pyrenees Club of America wants to help prospective judges learn about our breed.

We have a list of over 100 Judges Education Mentors who meet both the GPCA and AKC criteria to be Judges Education Mentors. These people are located all across the United States. They are ready and willing to assist prospective and current Great Pyrenees breed judges to better understand our breed Standard and help them prepare to satisfy AKC judging requirements.

If you are interested in being put in contact with a Judges Education Mentor in your area to do ringside mentoring, kennel visits, and/or review of our Standard, please contact the Chairman of our Judges Education Committee, Carrie Stuart Parks  |  208-682-2831  |

Member Breeder/Judges – A list of GPCA members who are also Great Pyrenees breeders and licensed by the AKC to judge Great Pyrenees.

Judges’ Education Seminar Video – This Standard Visualization and Commentary is copyrighted by the Great Pyrenees Club of America and by the illustrator. This document, in whole or in part, may not be copied, printed, or linked to any web site without the express written permission of the Great Pyrenees Club of America.