The Great Pyrenees Club of America’s Livestock Guardian Dog Breeders List participants are GPCA Members in good standing bound to the Bylaws and Code of Ethics of the Great Pyrenees Club of America.

The GPCA does not inspect, monitor or regulate the breeding or business practices of its Livestock Guardian Dog Breeders List participants.  Moreover, it does not become involved in resolving disputes between participants and their customers. Accordingly, the GPCA does not endorse, guarantee, recommend or otherwise approve any particular breeder(s) or guarantee or accept any responsibility for the health, temperament or any other aspect of the dogs sold by the participants. All information provided on the Livestock Guardian Dog Breeders List has been provided solely by the participants.

The GPCA strongly encourages all Buyers to carefully document, in writing, all representations, promises, statements, warranties and guarantees made by Sellers of Great Pyrenees dogs. The Seller should provide and both should sign a purchase contract that covers the provisions and agreements between the Buyer and the Seller.  The Seller should also fulfill his/her obligations throughout the life of the dog.