2023 Great Pyrenees Club of America National Specialty

Judging Panels

GPCA National Specialty
Breed Judge – Ellen Vanden Avond

Puppy Sweepstakes – Karen Justin

Veteran Sweepstakes – Joan Ziehl

Futurity – Marcy Bankus

Obedience/Rally – Laura Delfino

SPGPC National Regionals

Monday #1   Breed Judge: Keith Savage,    Sweeps: Michael Floyd

Monday #2  Breed Judge: Valerie Brown,  Sweeps: Carolyn Yeager

Tuesday #3:  Breed Judge: Tania Kirkland,  Sweeps:  John Dewing

Tuesday #4:  Breed Judge : Eva Berg,  Sweeps: Mary Lou Mayer

Sunday Draft Judges:    Dawn Druge and Laura Gallagher

Monday Draft Judges:   Larry Bohlig and James Maxwell