GPCA Broadcast Email Use Policy

Any information sent via the broadcast email will be published on the GPCA website and/or the Bulletin. This is a voluntary service, and each person/email must accept membership, which removes GPCA liability. Members who join the Broadcast email list can at any time unsubscribe to the service.

  1. Use will be limited to official announcements of the GPCA for the benefit of the membership
  2. Announcements will be limited to GPCA-specific events and/or activities only. Acceptable notices include:
    a. GPCA Dog Shows such as National Specialty and Regional Specialty
    b. GPCA National Specialty Judges selection nomination forms
    c. Special committee announcements

The Broadcast email will not be used for the following, as the GPCA website and Bulletin perform these functions:

  1. Transmission of GPCA Board and/or Committee minutes
  2. Rescue announcements
  3. Announcements of all breed shows, clusters, or other dog events that are not specific to GPCA
  4. Personal opinion or commentary emails
  5. Advertising, For Sale, or Placement of dogs by anyone for any reason
  6. Publishing of articles such as science or technique
  7. Copyrighted material