The Great Pyrenees Club of America Hall of Fame honors those Great Pyrenees that have achieved excellence in the area of conformation, obedience, or as a top producer.



Required: A lifetime total accumulation of 25 Points. The following are the acquired points for Show Hall of Fame:

  • Best in Show 5 points
  • Group One – 5 points
  • Group Two – 3 points
  • Group Three – 2 points
  • Group Four – 1 point
  • BOB National Specialty – 5 points
  • BOS National Specialty – 3 points
  • BOB Regional Specialty – 2 points
  • BOS Regional Specialty – 1 point

Outstanding Producers

  • Outstanding Sire: 9 Champion offspring
  • Outstanding Dam: 6 Champion offspring


A conformationally typical Great Pyrenees must earn an AKC CD plus one of the following AKC Titles:

  • CDX Obedience Title
  • Novice Agility or Novice Agility Preferred Title
  • Any Tracking Title
  • Rally Advanced Excellent Title


Listed below in each category are names of inductees, followed by year of induction.

You can search by year or name of dog.

TitleNameOutstanding SiresOutstanding DamsShow Hall of FameObedience/Performance
Abanderado's Pocket Venus CDX1977
CHAlderbrook Cuvee Pinot Gris2008
CHAlmac Carbon Copy of Macho1993
CHAlmac Haute Couture En Vogue2000
CHAlmac Mountain Mist CD1985
CHAlmac Winterwood Serendipty1993
CHAlpine's My Jolly Miss Imp1976
CHAndorre Double Delight2003
CHAndorre Intrigue1996
CHAndorre's Command Performance2004
CHAndre El Encantado de La Luz UD1975
CHAneto Brown Eyed Girl2008
CHAneto Etienne2003
CHAquilon Double Eagle2016
CHAquilon Double Jump For Joy2009
CHAquilon Fire and Magic2000
CHAquilon Jon Loupe Sauvage1982
CHArgenta Juliana de Montbleu1972
CHAvancer Glamour Girl1996
Balibasque Beau of Karolaska CD1977
CHBarqueill Avant Garde1975
CHBarqueill Country Gentlemen1983
CHBarqueill Davastator1980
CHBarqueill Gossip1981
CHBarqueill No Saint1985
CHBarqueill Peer of the Realm1983
CHBarqueill Scarlett1988
CHBarqueill Status Quo1977
CHBasqmiers Splendid Sparky1983
CHBasqmiers Tip'N Chip Cameo1994
CHBasquaerie Amie CDX1942
CHBasquaerie Bali1968
CHBasquaerie Bichon CD1949
CHBasquaerie Gui de Noel1947
Basquaerie Hunnette1940
Basquaerie Kokomo Chief CDX1954
CHBasquaerie Louise CDX1950
CHBasquaerie Monte Cristo1959
CHBasquay's Teddy Bear1978
CHBasquay's Yogi Bear1979
Beaconsfield Snow Blizzard CDX1995
Bearfoot Baselton Haselton CD TD1985
Bear's Ragtime Melody CDX1979
CHBeauchan Jack of Hearts CDX1983
Beau-Kay's Wise Zest CD TD1975
Belleami Elan Apeers and Pbear CDX1995
Bellemont Paquerette Blanc CDX1973
CHBeren's Hope of Thorn Hill2010
GCH CHBigrig's Cadet Polar Bear2012
Bistritz Belle Blaireau CDX1977
Blitz CDX RE2006
Bonnie Blue Sunsine Davis CD BN RAE2015
CHBousy Rouge Magic Reflection2010
CHBraveheart Mordecai2007
CHBrigadier Jerramange Larue CDX1962
Britannic's Midsummer Knight UD TD1969
Brittain's And The Thunder Rolls CD
GCHB CHBrynjulf Wahoo Creek Don't You Feel It
CHBuddy Artza Zuria1988
CHC and L's Kuro E. Kuma1999
CHCalurian Ailo Mountain Sage RA2010
GCHB CHCalurian Ailo Mountain Sage RA2019
Cavalier Gaite de Coeur CDX1973
Cavalier's Chanson d'Amour CDX1973
CHCavalier's Sir Buffington CDX1973
CHChamrox Celebrite1998
CHChapters Lwaxana De Charbono2005
CHChapter's U Can't Touch This CDX1996
CHCharbonneau's Morn's Reveille2003
Charbonneau's Seraphin2013
CHCherlynn Let'm Eat Cake2000
CHCherlyns Royal Glory2007
CHChilkoot's Sno-Ball of Maleen1983
China Lace CD RAE CGCA2013
CHCiel Don Diego D'Aneto2006
CHCobberidge Adam1974
CHCordelia of Koch Knoll CD1963
CHCosta Lota's Frosty Snowman CDX1979
CHCote de Neige Zephire1943
CHCuddledud's Boo Boo Bear2002
Dar Jan's Christable CDX1968
CHDastekde's Prima Dena1981
CHDe Fer's Athena CDX1979
Delilah of Solomon1972
CHD'Esprit's Tip-Alaska1994
CHDieudonne Impyrial Acclaim20082003
CHDieudonne William Of Orange2010
DMR Sterling Sadie CDX2001
CHDunhills East of Eden1996
CHEl Amor Bruno Balibasque1978
CHEl Hombre Bravo de Bosque CDX1983
Elysee Chablis Blanc CDX1979
CHElysee Eve1980
CHEuskari's Kaskadian Everstar1991
CHEuzkalzale Apache Crystal Sky!2016
Euzkalzale Bright Lights! Big City!2014
CHEuzkalzale Heart Of A Soldier2007
CHEuzkalzale Oh My Goodness!2006
CHEuzkalzale Ridgerunner Go!2006
GCH CHEuzkalzale's Legacy of Hope2014
CHEuzkazale Glory Be!2001
CHEuzkazale Sundance Legend19991994
CHEuzkotar Devil May Care1983
CHEuzkotar Hell or Highwater19891985
CHEuzkotar Ibn Ibn Koshare1991
CHFidelity Select Pyrfection2000
Fitzerin's Gandalf The White CD NA1998
Flashpoint's Kingdom's Magic2001
CHFour Oaks Aniran of Alhambra1994
CHFour Oaks Primadonna Rose1991
CHFramboise I'm The Hit Man CDX19992000
GCH CHFramboise Something Ventured
Something Gained
CHFramboise Stormy Weather2015
Gabriele of Greystone1972
Gentle Snowman CDX2006
GCHS CHGeyser Creeks Cowboy Chrome2017
GCH CHGeysercreek Starmounts Tag I'M It2015
Glory CD RN AXP OJP2011
Guardenia's Jewel Of The Crown
CHGuardenia's 'Lil Drummer Girl2007
GCH CHGuardenia's Splish Splash2013
Hendaye Euskalrho Laustan1968
Hendaye Euskalrho Rolandine CDX1966
Highlandpyrs Kimberly Ann CDX1998
Highview's Basquay Stormie1983
CHHollow Hill Vin Blanc2004
CHHonor's Bound For Glory20152005
CHHonor's California Dreamin at Elridge2015
GCH CHHonor's Promise of Glory20112006
GCH CHHonor's Promise of the Future2011
CHHugAPyrs Icebera Polar Eyes1998
CHHuny Mtn Polar Bear1998
Impyrial's American Braveheart CD RA2007
CHImpyrial's Girl Down Under CD RE2007
GCH CHImpyrial's Home Run Matsui2011
CHImpyrial's Love, American Style2005
CHImpyrial's Natural Selection2008
CHImpyrial's Shot Thru T'Heart2005
CHImpyrial's Super Hero2019
Jacqueline of Ralfrans1969
CHJerico Miss Modesty1993
CHJim's Buck A Roo CDX1988
Karolaska Ace In The Hole1989
CHKarolaska Aleutia Neigerie1982
CHKarolaska An Annie Moose1990
CHKarolaska Angel of Pyr Haven1980
CHKarolaska Arctic Poppy1988
CHKarolaska Bolshoi Baranov1976
CHKarolaska Bristol Bay19861983
CHKarolaska EIB2001
CHKarolaska Encore1987
CHKarolaska Glacier1971
GCHB CHKarolaska Guardian Of The Moonlight2019
Karolaska Holly Bear1983
CHKarolaska Honey's Abby1985
CHKarolaska Juan Carlo D'Artic1975
CHKarolaska Kaballero Kid19891986
Karolaska Kapence1997
CHKarolaska Katchemak19821979
CHKarolaska Katch's Keewa1995
CHKarolaska Kivalina II1984
CHKarolaska Klondike Kid CD1979
CHKarolaska Klumbo1983
Karolaska Kuskokwim Kid1976
CHKarolaska Long Time No See2016
Karolaska Moonshiner1979
CHKarolaska Nero's Clover1977
Karolaska Pepper1985
CHKarolaska Polar Nero1971
GCH CHKarolaska Positively Timeless2019
CHKarolaska Prudhoe Kid1981
CHKarolaska Puff N Tuff1984
CHKarolaska Puffin1988
CHKarolaska Ramboyant19921989
GCH CHKarolaska Resurrection Bay2015
CHKarolaska Schnee Angel Bar1994
CHKarolaska Shadowfax1987
CHKarolaska STA Kooler Bear2004
CHKarolaska Susitna Sue1980
CHKarolaska Theabeus Trampus1981
GCHS CHKarolaska Tor Mariposa Reina2018
Karolaska Trudie Fair1977
CHKarolaska Tustamena1986
CHKarolaska Walkin' After Midnight2020
CHKarolaska's Captivator19841977
CHKarolaska's Lady Delilah1990
CHKarolaska's Silver Mist1986
CHKaskadian Shaniko CD1993
Kaskadian Sunshine Boy CDX1981
CHKaskadian's Idyll Gossip19951991
CHKaskadian's Looking For Gossip20072001
CHKaskadian's Love To Gossip2007
CHKaskadians Skookumchuk Kid1992
CHKenneview All The Right Stuff20001998
CHKenneview Grand Slam19981996
CHKenneview Ruff Stuff2003
CHKenneview's Classy Lady2001
CHKenneview's Naughty Natalie1999
CHKenneview's Tuff Stuff19961993
CHKenneview's Vegas Showgirl2009
CHKpyrs Khan1994
CHLa Shan Marc of Basquaerie1952
Liberty Mtn Sonny Shasta1993
Lilium's Incredible Journey
CHLori-Gene's Michael CDX1959
CHLorvaso de La Colina1964
CHLucky of Nikris1984
CHMajesta's Frosted Rose1999
CHMaleens Candy1985
CHMaleen's Hans-Jurgen1984
CHMaleens Ms Cream-Puff Nikki1987
CHMaleens Satin Doll Mantu1985
CHMantus Mountain King1987
CHMantu's Oop's1985
CHMaranatha Cormoryn O'Brygyn1998
Maranatha's Lucatheo O'Cadmus CDX1992
Martin's Willy Snowbear CDX1977
CHMarwell Bousy Rouge Chablis2003
CHMarwell’s Matanuska Legend2006
CHMarwell's Bousy Rouge Rogue1998
CHMarwell's Chanterelle O'Henry2002
Marwell's Chateau Cassanova CDX1975
CHMarwell's Denali CD TD1979
CHMarwell's Idyll Chatter20041993
CHMarwell's Idyll Rumor20011995
CHMc Ski Solo1979
Me Llamo Tonya de Montbleu CDX1969
CHMenlo Ring Around The Rosie2000
Mistral Sentimental Journey CDX RE2007
Mistral’s Doing Things MyWay CD RAE2006
CHMistral's String of Pearls VCD12008
CHMistry's Fanny Cheekhollow1998
Mistry's Nala At Lorill2004
Mon Ami Sweet Caroline2007
GCH CHMonark Nobody's Fool2015
CHMonark Vagabond2017
CHMont Blanc's Impyrial Girl20042004
My Way Comanche Scout CDX BN RE CGC2017
Nanook Le Roi de Couer CDX1978
CHNautika's Monsieur Tache2013
Never Ending's How Do Ya
Like Me Now CDX RN CGC
CHNicmarjan Keep Pyrfection1998
CHOeldej Sans Peur Fantome1981
Oneida's May Whine CD BN RAE2 FDC
Oneida's Spirit of Cheyenne2008
GCHB CHOneida's Vale Of Onondaga2016
Oro Blanco Belle de Pompier CDX1969
GCH CHPalin Chip Off The Block2019
CHPatorama One Lump or Two2008
CHPeater of Chita Mochizukison1994
CHPeerage Wolftrap Kid Jubilee UD1982
CHPoco Pyrs King Crusher19811976
CHPoco Pyrs Pete II1975
CHPoco Pyrs Rip's Marguax1980
Pook's Hill Chaminox UD1988
Prestonfield Woolmarsh Egan CDX2001
CHPrince Andre de Montbleu1971
CHPrincess Carla de Monet1959
CHPyr Haven Independent Dudley1999
CHPyr Haven James & The Giant Peach1999
Pyr Haven Little Pooka Bear UD1980
Pyr Haven Mon Amie Wooly Bear CDX1994
CHPyr Haven Phamtom of the Opera1997
CHPyr Haven Tonto Indian-Summer19921989
CHPyr Haven Whistling Dixie2004
CHPyr Peak Bob Barker Tip'N Chip1991
CHPyragon's Eternal Portrait1999
CHPyragon's Starry Night2002
Pyramis Diva's Promise CDX1995
Pyramis Raison D'Etre1992
CHPyrborne's Praise1994
CHPyr'essence Heza Son of Bond1994
CHPyressence Pyrless Glory Days1997
CHPyrfection Agness Martin2001
CHPyrfection Arielles Song O'NT2000
CHPyrfection Chance A Bear1985
CHPyrfection Dora Maar2005
CHPyrfection Henri Matisse1983
Pyrfection Kim Maple CD BN GN
CHPyrfection Pablo Picasso1999
Pyrfection Simply Mak'n Magic1987
CHPyrfection Teodore Rousseau1998
CHPyr-Haven High Drift1978
CHPyr-Haven Shamrock1973
CHPyr-Layne's Alex of Anayobon1981
CHPyr-Layne's Duke du Pond1978
GCHS CHPyrless & Ashby She's All That!2016
CHPyrless Brother Love2009
GCH CHPyrless Don't Blink2012
CHPyrless Fancy Free2005
CHPyrless Fast Forward2002
CHPyrless Jersey Kid1992
CHPyrless Keep On Truckin'2007
CHPyrless Les Monts de Lourdes2009
CHPyrless Limited Edition1996
GCH CHPyrless No-Brainer20132011
Pyrless On My Time2014
CHPyrless Prime Time19961992
CHPyrless Stillistic Law-Order2010
CHPyrless Vera Belle du Mont1992
GCHS CHPyrless-Brynjulf Don'T Dare Me
CHPyrlyns Clever Boy V Marwell1987
CHPyrplay’s Approaching Zanzibar2006
Pyrplay's Knight in White Satin CDX UD1999
GCH CHPyrpressure Connu, Mais A' Dieu2015
CHPyrpressure L'Independence2011
CHPyrpressure L'Orgueil2008
GCH CHPyrpressure Victorious Strmt20132009
CHPyrson K'laska of Summerhill19841982
CHPyrsong's Let's Make Music2015
CHPyrsrus Bynd My Wildest Dreams2015
CHPyrsrus California Dreamin2017
GCHS CHPyrsrus Mister Maverick2019
CHPyrstroms Ringmaster1975
CHPyrview Isthatyourfinalanswer2004
Pyrview's Monsieur Debonnaire
CHPyrwind Gomez Adams2004
CHQuanset D G of Caspyr1993
CHQuibbletown Athos1983
Quibbletown Billy Deaux1980
Quibbletown Bouncing Bett1961
CHQuibbletown Carlotta1967
CHQuibbletown Cavalier19741972
CHQuibbletown Cinderella UD1959
CHQuibbletown Double Time2002
CHQuibbletown Falstaff1970
CHQuibbletown Impresario1967
CHQuibbletown Ingrid Valhalla1981
CHQuibbletown Jim Dandy19691966
CHQuibbletown M'Appari1975
Quibbletown Mighty Peer CDX1972
CHQuibbletown Neige Deesse1973
Quibbletown Queeka Bear1972
CHQuibbletown Sock It To Em1974
CHQuibbletown Val's Heritage1982
GCH CHR Pyr Captain Morgan's Spiced Rum!2017
Renee's Star CDX1991
Reveres Judy Bear2006
CHRiverain Pepa-Mint Pance1983
CHRivergroves Bear Essential1997
CHRivergroves Billy Jean1989
CHRivergroves Blackjack2003
GCH CHRivergroves Bon Appetit CD BN
CHRivergroves Briolette Diamonds
CHRivergroves CG Pyrresistible1995
CHRivergroves Cg's My Blue Heaven2000
GCH CHRivergroves Chateau De Castelnau2013
CHRivergroves Ciao Baby2010
CHRivergroves Clean Sweep CD RAE CGCA2015
GCH CHRivergroves Cloudy Bay2015
GCH CHRivergroves Coco Mademoiselle2011
CHRivergroves Country Cured1992
CHRivergroves Crushers Rerun1981
CHRivergroves Crystal Charisma1993
CHRivergroves Dealer's Choice2005
CHRivergroves Denim Genes1995
CHRivergroves Designated Hitter1995
CHRivergroves Designer Genes1987
CHRivergrove's Designer Label1996
GCHB CHRivergroves Diamond Fire & Ice
CHRivergroves Dom Perignon CDX20082009
GCH CHRivergroves Enough Said2014
GCHG CHRivergroves Enough Said2019
CHRivergroves Excuse My Dust19901990
CHRivergroves First Class Ticket CD
CHRivergroves For Your Eyes Only19891993
GCH CHRivergroves Game On CD PCD
CHRivergroves Giorgio Armani20042000
CHRivergroves Goode-Deal2013
CHRivergroves Here's the Black1986
CHRivergroves Higher Love2007
CHRivergroves If Looks Could Kill19941992
CHRivergroves Ivory Princess1992
CHRivergroves Jomani Hasim1997
CHRivergrove's Kendall-Jackson20021999
CHRivergroves Lady Antebellum2018
GCHS CHRivergroves Lady Avaleda Brio2019
CHRivergroves Levi Genes19881988
CHRivergroves Moonlight 'N Roses2004
CHRivergroves Nautika Fleurdunor2008
CHRivergroves Play the King1994
CHRivergroves Red White and Blue19951994
CHRivergroves Re-run Rides Again1990
CHRivergroves Re-run's Remaid1987
CHRivergroves Rittenhouse Special2002
CHRivergroves Rolling Thunder1995
CHRivergroves Romance the Stone1987
CHRivergroves Roxanne1991
CHRivergroves Run For The Roses19891986
CHRivergroves Sealed With A Kiss2001
GCH CHRivergroves Sky's The Limit2014
CHRivergroves Southern Belle2005
CHRivergroves Star of India2006
GCH CHRivergroves Star Sapphire2012
GCHG CHRivergroves Star Sapphire2019
CHRivergroves Tailor-Maid Genes1994
CHRivergroves The Big Chill2011
CHRivergroves The Choice Is Clear CD RN20042007
GCHS CHRivergroves The Name Of The Game20172017
CHRivergroves Truly Cryst'l-Clear2000
CHRivergroves Trump This20102008
GCH CHRivergroves Vera Wang2013
CHRivergroves When Stars Go Blu20102007
CHRivergroves You Be The Judge19981997
Robin Goodfellow of Snowfire CD TD2000
CHRockn K's Peace Dancer1997
CHRogue La Rue1968
CHRolling Hills Keep The Faith19971995
Rrr's Diamond In The Ruff1998
Rujha's Snow Prince CDX1975
CHSaddle Ridge Power Of Won20102008
CHSaddle Ridge Special Force2004
Scandals Heard I Was In Town CD RE2007
CHSchnee Bar Der Macht Die Liebe1991
CHSchnee Bar Froh Hellelujah1990
CHSchnee Bar Monarch Lieb Teddy19921989
CHSchnee Bar Snaft Angel1989
CHShadee Hill's Scandal1999
CHShadowrun Brut Montpierre1987
CHShadowrun Chance19921986
CHShadowrun Chardonnay1996
CHShadowrun Liberty Karolaska1999
CHShadowrun Moonringer1991
CHShadowrun Warlock1992
CHShekinah Lady Au Pair2004
Sherando Promise1980
CHSherando's Sundancer19811977
CHSidney De La Fleur Mont Pic1999
Snow Ball de Ledo Lamptadeau CDX1990
CHSnowbear Angelina1999
CHSnowbear Ramona Lisa2002
Snowcap Chantilli Oso CDX1987
Snowmass Kori Ann1997
Snow's Brookfield Bear CDX1979
CHSoleil Ami Susenter1976
CHSoleil Baron1967
CHSoleil Cozann1970
Soleil Deana Copine de Gunnar1975
Soleil Meri-K Cozette1971
CHSoleil Pierre de Blu-Crest19721969
CHSoleil Serein Ami1968
Soleil Tinka-Belle1972
CHSolomon's Roi du Montagne CDX1971
CHSolstice Jolly Roger2009
CHSouthwinds Winter Snow2004
STA Yukon Cornelius Is Gold CDX2002
CHStaranch Karolaska Honey2007
CHStardrift Halcyon Nyte Watch2002
CHStardrift Leo2003
CHStarlaxy Benjamin Indus1982
CHStarlaxy Christmas Jupiter1983
CHStarlaxy Gaugin Pyrfection1980
CHStarlaxy Halley's Comet1983
CHStarlaxy Indus' Titan1986
CHStarmount Cisco Kid Stardrift2006
CHStarmount's Patch Schanuel1999
CHSterling Grand Marquis2000
GCH CHSuepyr's Lights, Camera, Action CD
CHSummerhill Crystl O'Pyr Haven1996
CHSummerhill Emerald of Pyr Haven1999
CHSummerhill Flora of Huny Mtn1991
CHSummerhill Gandalf The White1986
Sun Way's Care Bear Paravel CDX1995
CHSunburst's Ruth1993
CHSunburst's Sabrina's Victory2009
CHSuncatcher Theodore Bar1997
CHSuncatcher's Alpine Wind2002
CHSuncatcher's Spirit Mountain1998
CHSuncatcher's White Mountain1996
Sunny Bear Mountain Star UD1990
CHSunshine of Karolaska19861981
GCH CHTalisman's The Best is Yet to Come2011
GCHB CHTanimara's Awesome Irish Crème2017
CHTanimara's Ozark Mountain Sassafras2016
CHTansy Hill Royal Elegance1997
CHThe Willows Pyr-Haven Felice1971
CHThiboudaux Maia D'Andorre2000
CHThiboudaux's Zaurak of Andorre2001
Timbar Neige Etoile CDX1991
Timberbluffs Enchantment Of
Emerald Isle CD BN RAE FDC
GCH CHTip 'N Chip Heza Knockout2016
Tip’N Chip’s Dream On2006
CHTip’N Chip’s Dreams of Joy CD NAJ2006
CHTip’N Chip’s Freedom Celebration2016
CHTip'N Chip's American Beauty1999
CHTip'N Chip's American Legend20092002
CHTip'N Chip's American Pride1999
CHTip'N Chip's Cactus Flower1983
CHTip'N Chip's Clipper Young America2009
CHTip'N Chip's Country Pride2001
CHTip'N Chip's Crystal Rose1988
CHTip'N Chip's Dandy Lion1980
CHTip'N Chip's Derby Inspiration1996
CHTip'n Chip's Double Yur Pleasure2002
CHTip'N Chip's Epic Of Romanesca2007
CHTip'N Chip's Esperanza Carrera1995
CHTip'N Chip's Field Of Dreams2001
CHTip'N Chip's Foolish Pleasure19951991
CHTip'N Chip's Hawley's Magnum1995
CHTip'N Chip's Honor And Pride20011998
CHTip'N Chip's Impressive Colours1996
CHTip'N Chip's Just Jeans1992
CHTip'N Chip's K-Pyrs' Sera Sera1997
CHTip'N Chip's La Femme Nikita1999
CHTip'N Chip's Limited Edition2008
CHTip'N Chip's Love American Style2008
CHTip'N Chip's Magnum's Pride CDX UD1996
CHTip'N Chip's Maiden America20021997
CHTip'N Chip's Mustang Sally2010
CHTip'N Chip's My Pleasure1999
CHTip'n Chip's National Velvet2002
CHTip'N Chip's Patton's Pride2002
CHTip'N Chip's Pride D'Argeles1987
CHTip'N Chip's Quibbletown Impy1971
CHTip'N Chip's Roxane1975
CHTip'N Chip's San Antonio Rose1992
CHTip'N Chip's Shane1996
CHTip'N Chip's Sonny Boy Micjule1979
CHTip'N Chip's Sonny's Image1974
CHTip'N Chip's Sonny's L'Air19791982
CHTip'N Chip's Sonny's Quaes-Tor1976
CHTip'N Chip's Sonny's Reflection19741970
CHTip'N Chip's Sonny's Side Up19801976
CHTip'N Chip's Sonny's Sundance Kid1977
CHTip'N Chip's Sonny's Sundowner CDX1981
CHTip'N Chip's Spirit Of Thornhill CDX RE20082005
CHTip'N Chip's Texas Pleasure20041998
CHTip'n Chip's The Rose1992
CHTip'N Chip's TNT Trottenfox1983
CHTip'N Chip's Video Angel Ami1990
CHTip'N Chip's What A Attitude CD RN NAP2010
CHTip'N Chip's Winning Colors1995
Titiana Livadia Baranova1978
CHTrotenfox Sheza Tuf Tip'n Chip1983
CHTrottenfox Gabriel19851985
CHValle d'Aspe Amanda's Encore2004
CHValle d'Aspe Kep'n Up Apyrances2008
GCH CHValle d'Aspe Scandalous Affair CD
CHValle d'Aspe's Ahsome Adrian2015
CHValle D'Aspe's Letzgota Asia2003
CHVillevieux Le Roi19931988
CHVillevieux Limberlost Barry1993
CHVillevieux Madame Bovary1991
CHVilleVieux Maximum Potential2002
CHVillevieux McRoi of Killaloe1996
CHVillevieux Prince Valiant2001
CHVillevieux Xaviera1989
CHVillevieux Yankee Sunshine1986
Vi'Skaly's Triple Sunrise Illusion2018
CHWhitehope Bittersweet Babs2002
CHWhitehope Wizard’s Magic Girl CD RE2006
CHWhitehope's Pneuma20142003
GCH CHWhiterose Wind Chaser CGC2017
CHWhitesatin Edelweiss1999
CHWildon's Queen of Hearts1993
CHWildwoode's Mountain Mist1977
Wile of Bruchiduchmaj CDX1993
CHWinterwood Almac Indecision1990
CHWinterwood Sound Reasoning1998
CHWinterwood Summerhill Bingo1995
CHWinterwoods Almac Step Aside1990
CHWinterwood's Amy O'Summerhill1990
Winterwood's Chanel Larkwill1995
CHWinwood's On The Wings Of Luv2002
CHWolfsong's Tanana Gal1976
Wolftraps Kid Coulomb UD1980
Wolftrap's Spotnik in Orbit CDX1986
Wydtrak Teddy Ruffles2000
Wyndhamhill's Wild Magician CD RN2007
CHWyndsong Wallybee1997
CHWyndsong's Whitney1992