Dear Members,

We are undergoing some changes we want to share with you!

To better utilize features available through our new website, we are implementing a plan to digitize our quarterly bulletins. We feel that by providing an electronic copy of our bulletin, we can readily reduce expenses associated with printing and postage, which can be better utilized in other areas.

We will provide an annual National specialty printed copy mailed to all members, and the four quarterly issues will be delivered through our website’s e-blast capability to the email you have provided in your membership folder. For those of you who wish to continue receiving a print copy of all the bulletin issues, an option to do so is provided on this year’s dues form for a nominal $20 charge. Please make sure you complete the dues renewal form to reflect your preference.

Additionally, we are looking for a new Chairman for the Rescue Owner Engagement Committee and also members to join the Disaster Response Committee. Please reach out to us if you are interested in either of these opportunities. We appreciate your support through these changes and wish you all a wonderful summer.

Yours sincerely,
GPCA Board of Directors