2022 National Specialty Results

Specialty:Futurity ResultsApril 27-30, 2022
Dogs 6-9 months5Reflection Farms Hallelujah19Reflection Farms Hold On To Me9Karolaska's Triumph of Courage
Dogs 9-12 months
Dogs 12-15 months79Timberbluffs the Enforcer
Dogs 15 months
+ older
63R Pyr Strongsky Two Bears!49Lecteur SteelBadger Le Pont de Lisjovia
Bitches 6-9 months10Reflections Farms Stardust6LecteurReflection Farm Fire & Ice8Karolaska the Goddess of Flowers12Reflections Farms Let It Go
Bitches 9-12 months16Tip'N Chip's Shez Stormin' On North Bay18Impyrial's Better Than Ice Cream30Pyrwinks Menohketano Indian Outlaw28R Pyr Toes in the Sand!
Bitches 12-15 months22TimberBluffs Dark Victory
Bitches 15 months
+ older
88Impyrials Ovidia de Luna52 R Pyr Just My Imagation!36Euzkalzale Belle Fleur D'Arnault86Lecteur SteelBadger Kepping a Stiff Upper Lip
WINNER Futurity88Impyrial's Ovidia de Luna
BOS Futurity5Reflection Farms Hallelujah
JudgeNancy Carr