2023 National Specialty Results

Specialty:National Specialty 2023Date: Apri 26-29, 2023
Puppy Dogs
6-9 months
9-12 months35Arnault Coeur D'Ours
12-15 months59Rivergroves Heart and Soul29Euzkalzale Bearly There Jazz Bear
15+ months11R Pyr Gaston
Puppy Bitches
6-9 months26Euzkalzale Ain't No Mountain High Enough54Shadee Hill Wild at Heart
9-12 months42Lecteur's Queen of Terrasen60Arnault Petite Mignonne58Arnault Etoile Brillante
12-15 months44Imac's Born to Reign at Beartrax
15+ months
Best in Futurity26Euzkalzale Ain't No Mountain High Enough
Opposite to Best in Futurity11R Pyr Gaston
JudgeMarcy Bankus
Puppy Dogs#First#Second#Third#Fourth
Puppy 6-9 months
Puppy 9-12 months35Arnault Coeur D'Ours
Junior 12-18 months 57Rivergroves SeFaire Remarquer59Rivergroves Heart and Soul11R Pyr Gaston29Euzkalzale Bearly There Jazz Bear
Junior 18-24 months 71Rivergroves Sweet Dreams Are Made of This31R Pyr What a Wonderful World!23Karolaska's Triumph of Courage
Puppy Bitches
Puppy 6-9 months26Euzkalzale Ain't No Montain High Enough54Shadee Hill Wild at Heart
Puppy 9-12 months42Lecteur's Queen of Terrasen58Arnault Etoile Brilliante60Arnault Petite Mignonne
Junior 12-18 months50Shadee Hill Petit Charmeur De Jaloux70Rivergroves Belle of the Ball44Imac's Born to Reign at Beartrax68Shadee Hill La Fille de Jaloux
Junior 18-24 months 56Rivergroves Take My Breath Away34R Pyrs Toes in the Sand!10Cossette12Pauline
Best in Puppy Sweepstakes56Rivergroves Take My Breath Away
Best of Opp Sex to Best in Sweepstakes71Rivergroves Sweet Dreams Are Made of This
JudgeKaren Justin
7-9 years69CH Catalan Seal of Approval47CH Euzkalzale Midnight Magic
9-11 years
11 and Over
7-9 years48GCHB Brynjulf Dont Let Me Be Misunderstood38GCHB Karolaska Tres Jolie D'Arnault
9-11 years18GCHG Pyrless & Ashby She's All That!74CH R Pyr Don't Mess With Texas Emmy!
11 and Over
Best in Veterans Sweepstakes69CH Catalan Seal of Approval
Reserve to Best in Sweepstakes18GCHG Pyrless & Ashby She's All That!
JudgeJoan Ziehl
6-9 months
9-12 months
12-18 months59Rivergroves Heart and Soul
Bred by Exhibitor 6-12 months35Arnault Coeur D'Ours
Bred by Exhibitor 12+ months23Karolaska's Triumph of Courage33R Pyr Memphis Balance!
American Bred49BigRig Brynjulf Let's Rocket29Euzkalzale Bearly There Jazz Bear67La Patou True Patriot!
Open Dog63Shadee Hill James P. Sullivan27Reflection Farm's Hallelujah71Rivergroves Sweet Dreams are Made of This
Winners Dog23Karolaska's Triumph of Courage
Reserve Winners Dog33R Pyr Memphis Balance!
6-9 months26Euzkalzale Aint No Mountain High Enough54Shadee Hill Wild at Heart
9-12 months60Arnault Petite Migonne
12-18 months44Imac's Born to Reign at Beartrax50Shadee Hill Petit Charmeur de Jaloux
Bred by Exhibitor 6-12 months58Arnault Etoile Brillante42Lecteur's Queen of Terrasen
Bred by Exhibitor 12+ months66R Pyr Always On My Mind!
American Bred70Rivergroves Belle of the Ball76La Patou Stars and Stripes!10Cossette
Open Bitch12Pauline48Brynjulf Don’t Let me be Understood
Winners Bitch70Rivergroves Belle of the Ball
Reserve Winners Bitch 58Arnault Etoile Brillante
Veteran Dog 7-9 years47CH Euzkalzale Midnight Magic69CH Catalan Seal of Approval
Veteran Dog 9-11 years
Veteran Dog 11 and over years46GCHS CH Rivergroves Designed to Finish
Veteran Bitch 7-9 years38GCHB Karolaska Tres Jolie D' Arnault
Veteran Bitch 9-11 years18GCHG Pyrless & Ashby She's All That!74CH R Pyr Don’t Mess With Texas Emmy!
Veteran Bitch 11 and over years
Best of Breed21GCHS Karolaska Guardian of the Moonlight
Best of Winners70Rivergroves Belle of the Ball
Best of Opposite Sex80CH Karolaska Lilly of the Valley
Select Dog25GCHS Rivergroves Wonder Dog at Pyrcreek
Select Bitch36GCHB Arnault Embrasse Par la Plage
NOHS21GCHS Karolaska Guardian of the Moonlight
Awards of Merit18GCHS Pyrless & Ashby She's All That!16CH Reflection Farm's Stardust75CH Karolaska Ranier Knight of a Thousand Stars
Best Bred by Exhibitor
Best of Opp Sex to Bred by Exhibitor
Best Veteran18GCHG Pyrless & Ashby She's All That!
Reserve Best Veteran
Best Puppy
Stud Dog21GCHS Karolaska Guardian of the Moonlight
Brood Bitch38GCHB Karolaska Tres Jolie D'Arnault
Brace20,28GCH Starmount's Pyrwinks Proud Salix CH Pyrwinks Menohketano Indian Outlaw
JudgeEllen Vanden Avond
Top 20 Puppy Invitational WinnerCH R Pyr Strongsky Two Bears
Top 20 Invitational Winner25GCHS Rivergroves Wonder Dog at Pyrcreek