GPCA Rescue Adoption Application

Type of Residence *
Rent or Own? *
If you have children, are you willing to accept the additional responsibility of a Great Pyrenees? *
If you have no children now, are you planning on children in the future? *
Do you fully understand and accept the fact that a Great Pyrenees must never be allowed off leash unless within a fully fenced, secure area, and then never left unattended? *
Do you also understand that no amount of training can ever ensure that a Great Pyrenees can safely be off leash or unconfined, and that not strictly adhering to this restriction will place your dog at serious risk of injury, or even death? *
Do you agree to take your pet to your veterinarian annually for full vaccinations, heartworm test, fecal analysis, and exam? *
Is someone home during the day? *
Are you aware that Great pyrenees shed, are notorious barkers, diggers, and willful animals, and mst be confined within a fenced area (or on a leash) to prevent them from exercising their powerful instinct to establish and patrol a large territory? *
Are you aware that the yearly maintenance of a dog is approximately $400 (not including food or grooming)? *
Are you willing to have a Great Pyrenees Rescue Representative visit your home by appointment? *
Do you understand that dogs must always be monitored when interacting with children, adults, and other pets, no matter how nice the dog? *

I / We certify that the information contained in this application is true and correct, and further authorize the Great Pyrenees Club of America to contact any and all references, in order to verify the information provided in this Adoption Application.

Thank you for your cooperation. This comprehensive questionnaire helps us in placing the right dog with the right family. An improper placement, or one in which all the details aren't known, can end tragically — usually for the dog. Thanks again, and we look forward to meeting you in the near future.


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