GPCA Rescue Mission Statement

Great Pyrenees Club of America rescue representatives will work cohesively in an effort to support purebred Great Pyrenees dogs, or those believed to be purebred Great Pyrenees, believed to be abandoned, surrendered or otherwise in need of removal from a dangerous environment. These efforts are accomplished by the following:

  • Supporting the efforts of GPCA affiliated club rescue representatives, GPCA associated rescue and independent representatives through evaluation, transportation, fostering and mentoring.
  • Working with other organized rescue groups who humanely care for and judiciously place dogs believed to be purebred Great Pyrenees.
  • Communicating with and working jointly with other GPCA Great Pyrenees rescuers, whether GPCA affiliated clubs, associated rescue groups or independent groups, prior to transporting dogs in or out of that state.
  • Supporting and upholding the GPCA rescue guidelines, GPCA Bylaws and Code of Ethics.
  • Dogs placed and/or fostered through a GPCA recognized rescue organization or by a GPCA member volunteer must have a stable temperament to participate in any public events, National or Regional Specialty rescue parades or events. They must be maintained by their owner/handler in such a manner to ensure both human and animal safety at all times.
  • Rescue dogs will not be placed out of the rescuer’s area without consulting with GPCA member-recognized rescue volunteers for that area prior to placement.
  • GPCA Rescue Guidelines will be followed in the placement of all dogs believed to be purebred Great Pyrenees.
  • Individuals needing financial assistance will receive such upon the approval of the GPCA Regional Coordinator and Rescue Co-Chairs.
  • Receipt of rescue funds will be tied to the receipt of annual rescue reports and verification of financial need.

BOD April 2010