GPCA Rescue Reimbursement Procedures

Approved December 18, 2020

GPCA Regional Coordinators

  1. The Rescue Liaisons and Regional Coordinators will be informed of the distribution of rescue funds via quarterly reports from the Treasurer.
  2. Requests for financial assistance must be submitted to the Coordinators for approval, prior to requesting funds from the Treasurer. Coordinators, or if desired by a Coordinator also the Rescue Liaisons will determine whether financial assistance will be provided on a case-by-case basis, and the appropriate amount.
  3. The Rescue Reimbursement Form is then submitted to the Treasurer. The amount paid will be determined by the appropriate Coordinator. The GPCA Rescue Reimbursement Form (PDF) and accompanying receipts need to be sent to the Treasurer within 6 months of the expense. Reimbursements are up to $500 per dog, and with litters $75 per puppy. Larger amounts will need to be approved by the GPCA Board of Directors.
  4. Under normal circumstances, each Region will have up to $2,500 for reimbursements per year. An emergency fund is maintained for special circumstances.
  5. Administrative Allowance: The Regional Coordinators may request that the Treasurer reimburse them for administrative expenses of up to $200 per year. The Coordinators may utilize $25 of that allowance without the submission of receipts. Receipts are required for the additional $175 and must be submitted to the Treasurer by March 1st of the following year.

Affiliated Clubs, Associated Rescues, Independent GPCA Member Volunteers

  1. Rescue volunteers must contact the appropriate regional coordinator to apply for GPCA financial assistance.
  2. The GPCA Rescue Reimbursement Form (PDF) must be completed by a representative of the affiliated club, associated rescue or GPCA member volunteer, prior to the disbursement of any funds. That request is submitted to the Regional Coordinator. If desired, the Coordinator may contact the Rescue Liaisons for approval, prior to submitting the request to the Treasurer. Up to $500 may be reimbursed for each dog, and for litters up to $75 per puppy.
  3. Rescue representatives receiving GPCA funds will adhere to the GPCA Rescue Guidelines, and will not place dogs in another state/area without contacting the GPCA affiliated club, associated rescue organization or member representative in that state/area.
  4. Donations to GPCA rescue will be utilized as GPCA rescue funds and disbursed as needed. Donations intended for a particular affiliated club or rescue organization need to be made directly to that organization. Rescue donations received by an affiliated club, associated rescue or GPCA member volunteer will be maintained and administered by that rescue representative/organization and will not be administered by the GPCA Treasurer.
  5. Donations of goods and services for Rescue purposes with a value greater than $250 may be considered a tax-deductible donation to the GPCA, if the Rescue recipient has signed the GPCA Rescue Mission Statement. Applications to receive a tax donation letter from the GPCA may be requested using the Request for Usage of 501(c)(3) form.
  6. The GPCA encourages donations from the public as well as our members. Tax deductible cash donations may be made to the GPCA. These funds may be designated for a type of GPCA use, such as Health, Rescue, Historic Preservation, etc. Under certain circumstances the GPCA Board of Directors may create a specific fund for a certain rescue dog or group of dogs, a specific health committee activity, etc. These funds are then administered by the GPCA to be used for those designated activities.